Shipping & Delivery

Our custom made to measure men’s suits are all made to order and are delivered to your door in about 3-4 weeks via FedEx or UPS.***


Fraternity Suits provides free shipping for all of our blazers, suits, and tuxedos to North America.* Other products such as our tape measure also ship for free. If a product does not ship for free, shipping will be calculated at checkout.

*Free shipping to North America only applies to Canada and the United States of America. We do not currently ship to Mexico or other countries.


Fraternity Suits currently only ships to the USA and Canada via FedEx or UPS. We do not currently to Mexico or other countries. All related taxes and import duties are not covered.**

Pro tip: Have your order shipped to your office to never miss a delivery!

** You may be responsible to pay taxes and duties for items being imported.


All of our garments are made to order, just for you. Manufacturing takes approximately 10-14 days and shipping can take 3-7 days. Suits are typically delivered in 3-4 weeks.***

***Orders placed during high volume periods such as our Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale, during Chinese New Years and other Chinese holidays may experience slightly longer shipping & delivery dtimes.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

After you’ve completed your order, assuming there are no delays due to measurements or payment issues, then you should receive your order in about 3-4 weeks.***

The majority of our orders are shipped via FedEx or UPS since they are coming from overseas and these are the most reliable. Occasionally, we may ship via USPS from within the USA. Shipping is always free for our blazers, suits and tuxedos. To continue offering the absolute lowest prices we may vary shippers from time to time.


Suits, blazer and tuxedos will always ship for free. Tape measures also ship for free. Some accessories may have a small shipping charge that will be calculated at checkout.

You may be asked to fill out a standard 5106 form (basic import form) since you are importing goods from another country. For more information you can visit CBP Internet Purchases & Importation.

You may be specifically interested in knowing that your purchase is for personal use and is NOT being imported from Hong Kong. The following is taken directly from the Internet Purchases CBP page (we’ve highlighted important sections):

Personal vs. Commercial Use: Many import regulations only apply to goods imported for commercial – business or resale – purposes. For instance, most goods imported for personal use are not subject to quota. The one exception to this is made-to-measure suits from Hong Kong, which are subject to quota restrictions regardless of the use they are imported for. On the other hand, import restrictions that are based on health, safety and protecting endangered species apply across the board.

For orders shipped to the US or Canada, you shouldn’t have to pay any additional customs charges.

If you’re asked to pay any customs charges on your order within the US or Canada, please contact us. We will work to resolve this issue for you. Do not pay any duties without first having contacted our customer service team. Call us at 1 (480) 793-6931 or shoot us an email at

Sorry, we can only ship to residential or business addresses.

Before your order has shipped: Call us at 1 (480) 793-6931 or shoot us an email at and we’ll try to help change this for you.

After your order has shipped: If your order has already shipped you’ll need to contact FedEx or UPS, whichever your package has shipped with. Have your tracking number ready for them to assist you.

We sure do. Your custom garments were made just for you and we to make sure that you receive them.

No. At this time we can’t rush the process that is custom made suits. If we could then you’d have your suits faster than the average 3-4 weeks!

We don’t offer expedited or overnight shipping services. The free shipping that we already offer is about as fast as it gets. 3-7 days air shipping from Asia to the US or Canada is about as good as it gets.

Death & Taxes are two things none of us can escape. At least you’ll look good in your new custom suit while you pay your taxes!

Depending on where your order ships you may be required to pay taxes.

The U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled that sales tax can be collected in any state that goods are shipped to. While there are no specific guidelines to this yet, we do expect to have to navigate this in the future.

For the time being we only charge tax for goods shipped to residents within Arizona.


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