100% Custom Made to Measure Suits, every single one of them. In order to do this we use your body measurements to create a truly custom, unique, made to measure suit just for you. Follow our easy step by step video measuring guide to complete our measurement form, it should only take about 10-15 minutes. You can do all of this from the comfort of your own home. You don’t need to know how to tailor clothes, or even how to sew, all you need is a friend. If you need a tailor’s tape measure you can get one here.

On the checkout page you’ll be prompted to upload your measurement form in PDF format. If you have any custom made to measure garments in your cart such as a suit and don’t upload your measurement form our fancy algorithms will notice this and remind you before you’re allowed to checkout. If for any reason you’re able to get past our fancy code then your order will be delayed and we will reach out personally.

Once you’ve successfully placed your order our master tailors will look over your measurements to make sure they match our in-house algorithm based on thousands of suits we’ve sold to similar sized people. If there are any red flags we will reach out to ask you to double check some measurements. If your measurements are good you won’t hear from us, and 3-4 weeks later your suit will be delivered to your doorstep.

You do not. All you need are an extra set of hands, we recommend a friend. The measurements we ask for are a little different than the traditional bespoke measurements tailors often take. Just follow our easy video guides with a friend and you’ll be on your way to a custom made to measure suit in no time.

Sorry, we need your actual body measurements. Your unique body measurements are needed to create a better fitting suit than you already own.

These are also called tailor’s tape measures. You can get one here. Or you can buy one at a local retail store like Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, etc…

Just make sure that your tape measure has centimeters on it. We require all of our measurements to be taken in centimeters (metric) units. 

We love America, and our sometimes backwards sense of thinking. However, when it comes to units, metric numbers are truly superior. Centimeters are a smaller unit of measure than inches. When it comes to measuring your body you will get a more precise measurement using centimeters than you would inches.

Please, DO NOT measure in inches and convert to centimeters. On the off chance your math is wrong your suit will be built incorrectly.

Measure in centimeters from the start and you will not have any issues.

Here’s another reason just for good cause, our manufacturing partners in Asia use metric numbers. We try our best not to confuse them with our units of measure.

If you follow our easy step by step video measuring guides and double, even triple check all of your measurements then you can’t be too far off. We recommend running through the entire set of measurements once and then going back through them again to double check. If you are off by more than 1 cm consider how you’re measuring and try to follow the videos as much as possible.

There’s always the off chance your suit doesn’t fit the way you want right out of the box. Sometimes minor alterations are needed and we want to make sure you’re taken care of. If you need assistance please reach out: Call us at 1 (480) 793-6931 or shoot us an email at help@fraternitysuits.com.

No, it is not a mistake. We require your unique body measurements to craft your custom garments. Off the rack clothing often varies in sizes and the size you’re accustomed to seeing is often different. For example, if you’re used to wearing pants that are waist size 34 and you measure your waist as 97 centimeters (~38 inches) you might be alarmed. Don’t be, clothing manufacturers use a different sizing scale. We require your exact body measurements. Welcome to custom made to measure clothing, your world is about to be changed forever!


Sorry, but no. If your order was not automatically placed on hold by our algorithms then your order has already been sent to our master tailors in Asia. If you made a dire mistake taking your measurements and we didn’t catch it please reach out ASAP so that we can try and fix it, but there are no guarantees. That’s why it’s very important to double check all of your measurements before submitting your order.

If you require assistance: Call us at 1 (480) 793-6931 or shoot us an email at help@fraternitysuits.com.

No you cannot. For every order you submit there can only be one set of measurements for it. Meaning, you can order 5 suits in one order but they are all going to be made to the same body measurement size.

We require every person that wishes to order a custom made to measure suit create their own account and submit their own orders. That way there is never any confusion as to whose measurements were for which suit order. We can separate this by account only.

If you wish to inquire about a group rate/discount for ordering multiple garments you can find information here. Or you can contact us: Call us at 1 (480) 793-6931 or shoot us an email at help@fraternitysuits.com.

Our fancy algorithms will check your measurements to make sure they fall within a predicted range based on past orders, height, weight, etc… It’s surprisingly accurate. As a backup, the master tailors in Asia check the measurements again. If there is a hiccup in either check then you may be contacted to redo some measurements. While this isn’t an exact science, prediction algorithms do help. We just want to be safe and have you double check your measurements.

Actually, YES! We focus primarily on men and providing men affordable custom made to measure suits. However, we can make Women’s suits. We can make women’s suits but we don’t currently offer this option online. We might offer this in the future if we get enough demand for it.

If you are interested in a women’s suit line please let us know so that we know there’s demand for it. Call us at 1 (480) 793-6931 or shoot us an email at help@fraternitysuits.com.


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