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MTM vs Bespoke Suits

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7 Distinctions Between Made To Measure & Bespoke Suits What’s the difference between Made to Measure (MTM) and Bespoke? With the resurgence in popularity of menswear in recent years, partly due to a combination of popular TV shows such as Mad Men and Suits,  innovative online menswear companies and social media influencers, men have never had so many options when it comes to their dress clothing. Unfortunately, the words made to measure, custom and bespoke
What a properly fitted suit looks like
How Menswear Should Fit The Importance of a Proper Fit in Menswear How a suit should properly fit a man. This is our Charcoal Melange suit. Think back to the last time you wore a suit or tuxedo all day. How did you feel? Were you comfortable? Or were you saying this? “I can’t wait to get home so I can get out of this suit and tie!” We’ve all been there. We know exactly
Fully Canvassed Suit
Suit Quality – Fused vs. Half Canvas vs. Full Canvas Construction Fused, Half Canvas or Full Canvas Suit construction? Learn the pros and cons of each as they pertain to making the perfect high quality suit for you. The perfect suit for you is different than the perfect suit for me. That’s why we offer so many different options when it comes to building your suit exactly the way you want. Among these options are
Acacia Fraternity Conclave - Fraternity Suits Made To Measure Business Launch
Fraternity Suits Launch at Acacia Fraternity’s 60th Biennial Conclave in New Orleans Fraternity Suits business launched at Acacia Fraternity’s 60th Biennial Conclave in New Orleans. Pictured from left to right are brothers Kodjo Awadjie (WSU Chapter), Joseph Welsbacher (ASU Chapter), Graham Pedregosa (Carleton Chapter), Samuel and Jacob Strayer (ASU Chapter). We’re Live BABY! Today is Tuesday, August 7th, 2018 and marks 2 days since we’ve been back from New Orleans. It also marks 1 week that
Custom Made Suits
Made To Measure Custom Suits From Brothers at Arizona State University Fraternity Suits is the creation of Jacob and Samuel Strayer — their attempt to bring affordable custom suits to the masses. First conceptualized over 2 years ago on one of Jacob’s trips to Asia, the brothers are finally ready to launch their business in time for fall semester 2018! Jacob is a senior, studying Chemical Engineering at ASU, with a minor in Chinese. His

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