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When you purchase a suit, blazer or tuxedo from fraternitysuits.com, you will receive the same or higher quality, made to measure, top of the line custom menswear that you can get at the “name brand” retail stores, but at a fraction of the price.  Why pay more?  The internet has changed the game for so many businesses, if you want to spend less on your suits, blazers and tuxedos, then the best way to do that is to buy direct, and not pay higher prices at a retail store; their products cost more simply because they have a huge rent payment to make each and every month for their brick and mortar store space to their commercial landlord.

Acquiring name brand quality suits, blazers and tuxedos, should not break your wallet, and yet the big “name brands” cost up to 3x more. Our suits are made in the same factories as the big “name brands”. The only difference is that we don’t have middlemen, retailers, and physical overhead to pay for. You can trust us to deliver to you the suit and or tuxedo you’ve always wanted at a fraction of the price.

Many of our customers have told us they were in the market for a suit or tuxedo and then went to a brick and mortar store like Men’s Wearhouse, Neiman Marcus, Dillard’s, Macy’s or other fashion outlets or custom suit tailors in their local town, only to be turned off by the high prices. When you experience the quality of our menswear and enjoy our pricing, you may also feel like the retail store prices are outrageous and a rip-off. There has to be a better way to buy a high quality, made to measure suit and formal wear in a convenient manner and lower price without sacrificing quality or fit. This is where we come in!

Nearly All Garments Come From Asia

Regardless of who you purchase from, nearly all garments come from Asia.  It’s no secret that the textile industry moved to Asia decades ago. Hundreds of years ago, fabric was woven in factories full of hand looms across Europe. Then that industry moved to the lower labor cost of the 13 American colonies, with many textile mills settling in the Carolinas. In the last several decades, this industry all but relocated to yet a lower labor cost market across Asia. Today, practically no one is weaving fabric and turning them into cloth and actually making the suits, blazers and tuxedos in North America. If you want to secure and move large numbers of suits, blazers and tuxedos, then you’re going to have to go to where these factories are located today.  That’s Asia.

We can offer you the very same suit, blazer or tuxedo, that isn’t pre-cut and not a single stitch sewn until your measurements, choice of fabric and options are submitted.

Allow us to be your tailor and provide you with the same high quality menswear for up to 70% less than the price you’d pay for the very same suit at the large name retail stores that have to pass on to you their very high operating costs and retail lease payments for their expensive, large and under-utilized store fronts. In the internet age, most of us have become comfortable buying online and don’t want to or don’t expect to pay full retail overhead to buy what we want. We all want and expect a real deal.

We’ve now been delivering made to measure suits for several years.  Check out some of our testimonials below from fraternity men and recent college grads who have purchased our menswear and find out why they recommend our products.

Don’t over pay for your formal wear. $700 for a fused off-the-rack suit is plain nuts when you can buy the same suit from us for $349 and get the exact same fabric, buttons, liner, from the same factories making the suits sold in the big box stores, and save you tons of money. And why rent a Tux for a day or two for $200 when you can buy one for just a little bit more and have it permanently? We have customers who are so happy with the quality of value of their Tuxedo, they wear it nearly every month and find events and excuses to pull it out of the closet and wear it, since they look and feel so good wearing top notch clothes that they didn’t pay a fortune for.

What Our Customers Have To Say

Our customers love our custom suits and you will too

Cheers to the Black and Gold! I am proudly wearing Acacia’s new blazer to my Acacia events and more. The fabric, embroidery, and overall workmanship is first class. I measured myself using the videos and the fit of my blazer is excellent. This blazer is a fitting tribute to show our love and respect for our 114 year old fraternity. Join the Acacia blazer club today and help support our fraternity as all profits from sales of the Acacia blazer benefit the Acacia Fraternity Foundation to support the educational missions of our great fraternity.

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Darold W. Larson, Executive Director

Acacia Fraternity Foundation
Indianapolis, IN

The quality of the fabric, embroidery and craftsmanship in our Acacia blazer is top notch.  You will be proud to wear the Acacia blazer to chapter meetings, initiations, formals, alumni events, conclave, and any other occasion where you want to show your support and love for our great fraternity. With all the profits from sales of the Acacia blazer going back to the fraternity, what a great way to show your support and help us in our mission to help our brothers while looking good doing so!

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Patrick W. McGovern, Executive Director

Acacia Fraternity
Indianapolis, IN

The slim fit pants just feel awesome.

Fraternity Suits Review

Joe W.

Pittsburgh, PA

I’m an Acacia brother and have known Samuel and Jacob, the founders of fraternitysuits.com, from the Acacia chapter at ASU for several years. I have one custom suit from them and it’s the best fitting suit I’ve ever owned.

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Jarrod B.

Burbank, CA

Working in a C-level position, I wear a suit everyday. I own suits ranging from $500 to $5000 so I’m fully aware of the differences in quality and price. I ordered a full canvas suit and it is on par with the $5000 bespoke suits I’ve had made in downtown LA. You can’t find this level of quality and price without going to Hong Kong.

Fraternity Suits Reviews

Jim N.

Los Angeles, CA

Wow is all I can say. The prices seem way too good to be true for a custom suit. I figured it was a small risk and gave them my $$$ anyway. They delivered what is now my favorite suit, I wear it every chance I get.

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Alex K.

Pittsburgh, PA

I wasn’t sure about purchasing a tuxedo from this company and had very low expectations, however when I received my tux, everything fit well and the quality was beyond the amount of money that I spent for it. 8/10 would recommend.

Fraternity Suits Review

David S.

Columbus, OH

I needed a tuxedo for Junior Prom and wanted to look better than my friends so I started looking online for something custom. I measured myself and ordered a custom tuxedo exactly the way I wanted it. It fit me perfectly and I got so many compliments. I just wore it to Senior Prom a few months ago and it still fit me great. If you plan to wear a tuxedo more than once you should definitely buy and not rent.

Fraternity Suits Reviews

Parker K.

Fountain Hills, AZ

Once I tried on the suit and took pictures, I instantly fell in love. Since I’m a lengthy guy it’s normally hard for me to find a suit that fits right without tailoring. I couldn’t have chosen a better looking suit!

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Will L.

Gilbert, AZ

You guys really know how to make a custom tuxedo fit right. Can’t say I’ve ever enjoyed wearing a tux till now.

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Ed H.

Goldfield Ranch, AZ

I’m a business owner and have to be in front of clients throughout the week. I have to look my absolute best. I used to spend $1,000 or more on a single suit. I’m so pleased with the quality of the fabric, and the price, that I can’t believe all the money I wasted over the years buying retail.

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Brian S.

Phoenix, AZ

The suit I bought is great and exceeded my expectations. I was skeptical about it fitting right since I had to measure myself. I got my suit 4 weeks after ordering, and it fit perfectly! I recommend these guys to all my friends who are looking for a suit.

Custom made suit review

Alex B.

Scottsdale, AZ
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